Monthly Archives: February 2020

Steve McKee — Unstick Your Growth

Are you feeling stuck, stalled, and stale? This show is for you! Today’s expert dives into what you can do when your growth stalls out and how to reignite it back on track. With 30-plus years of experience, the answers might surprise you. Steve McKee is the President of McKee Wallwork + Company, a nationally […]

Steve Kosch — Media Training for CEOs

As a leader, you need to learn how to speak and command a room. The ability to speak effectively opens a lot of doors and helps your team understand the overarching goal you’re trying to achieve. It’s also an incredibly useful skill to have if you are presenting a talk or being interviewed. Today’s guest […]

Les Lent — The Profession of Sales

People get into sales because they’re great at talking, but once they’re in it, they realize they also need to be good at listening. Once they have these two things down, the final step is to have a repeatable process so that you can close deal after deal, seamlessly. Les Lent has over 20 years […]

Scaling Up Insights — Coach Panel with Eugene Terk

What’s happening in the world of Scaling Up? Our panel guest is Eugene Terk; he is the VP of Business Development & General Counsel for Align Technologies. He and Bill discuss everything from Horst Schulze’s biography, Excellence Wins, to the #1 investment of the decade, how to best leave a fulfilling legacy, and so much […]