Verne Harnish — Are You Being Limited by Your Goals?

Verne Harnish on Scaling Up Podcast with Bill Gallagher

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Verne Harnish on Scaling Up Podcast with Bill GallagherAs we transition from the end of the year to the new year, we begin to imagine what’s next in our future and what kind of goals we aspire to accomplish. Verne Harnish joins us today to guide us through the goal-setting process.

As Verne is coming up on his 60th birthday, he is faced with the ‘what next?’ question. He attended a Tony Robbin’s seminar to help unblock himself from… himself. As Bill says, “you’re never truly finished,” so it’s important to continually grow and develop yourself until you die.

We want to be informed of the past, learn from it, make our peace from it, and then get ready to move on. As Verne sits and imagines the future, he has some changes of thought on the goal-setting process. We have some real cultural barriers when it comes to our accomplishments.

Every day, Verne is more and more convinced that you’re a danger to yourself if you think you can have three-year objectives. The whole idea of even knowing where you’ll be in 3, 5, or 10 years is very limiting.

This doesn’t mean that Verne is against making your BHAG ((Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for the next 20 years and taking steps for you to get there; it just means that everything in between, before you get there, is a big guess at best, and that it’s okay to learn and grow from what you learn in the process.

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