Monthly Archives: October 2018

Jeff Hoffman on Building a Spectacular Team

Subscribe now via: ITunes It takes a team to scale and grow but how do you do that with ease and grace? How can you become a powerful leader that both inspires and engages your team? Today’s guest has some answers! Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur and the Founder of Priceline, UBid, and ColorJar. Jeff has […]

Sturdy McKee on Tracking the Intangibles with Net Promoter Score

SturdyMckee on Scaling Up Business Podcast with Bill Gallagher

Subscribe now via: ITunes The bigger you get, the harder it becomes to know what’s going on within your company. You may know your financial numbers, but how are you really doing? Are your people happy? How are you doing on those ‘softer’ skills? Well, you are able to track this in real terms by using a […]

Daniel Marcos on Becoming a Lifelong Learner

Daniel Marcos on Scaling Up Business Podcast with Bill Gallagher

In order to grow your business, you have to recognize that you are often times the bottleneck. Everything needed to grow your business starts with you! This is why it’s important to become a lifelong learner to better develop yourself and grow your business. Daniel Marcos is the co-Founder and CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute. […]