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PJ Brady of 42walls on Scaling Up Business Podcast with Bill GallagherAre you afraid of public speaking? Have you tried it in the past because you understand the benefits, but you don’t feel 100% confident in your ability yet? Well, this episode is for you.  Today’s guest is a public speaking expert who’s worked, coaching and developing other people in public speaking performances, for 20 years. 

Patrick “PJ” Brady is the founder of 42Walls, a learning company that coaches and promotes speakers, facilitators, and coaches. Patrick has been coaching public speaking and leadership since 1999 when he toured with the international musical group, Up with People. From 2005 until 2016, he worked with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, EO, and was the vice president of Europe, Middle East/ Pakistan, and Africa.

PJ grew up being a theatre kid. Through his experiences volunteering for a non-profit that specializes in developing community broadways, he had the chance to teach his fellow volunteers how to get comfortable being in front of a group of people and start developing his coaching skills.

PJ shares that the biggest barrier to achieving greatness often happens within your own brain. If you want to get comfortable being on stage, you have to be comfortable in your own skin first. You can learn how to bullshit everyone else, but you can not bullshit yourself and that is one of the reasons why speaking in front of an audience is so terrifying.

The biggest ‘bullshit test’ you can do on yourself is to look yourself in the mirror and rehearse your story. When working with clients, PJ admits that 100% of the time people say this is the most awkward thing they’ve ever done and they hate it. He’s even had clients who have tried to walk out of the session during that time. While awkward and uncomfortable, after it’s over, 100% of the clients admit to feeling better; they feel much more comfortable in their own skin and progress gets made.

Mirror work is one approach. Listen in to learn more ways to get over your fear and become masterful at public speaking.


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