Monthly Archives: April 2018

Is It Time for a Mini-Pivot?

We often hear the term ‘pivot’ in business. When things aren’t working out, we figure out how to make it work in a different way, whether that be changing business models or switching businesses. However, what about the mini-pivot? This is where you add a small change that helps the business scale up. 

Building a Business That Reflects Your Purpose and Values

How do you create a business that scales massively but also reflects your highest purpose and values in life? A business you can be proud of and yet makes a difference in the world that is your legacy. On this week’s podcast, our guest shares a story of our scaling up work at work in a unique and cool business.

How Do You Make Your Core Processes More Efficient?

Scaling up means getting consistent and reliable in your core processes. It also means there will be an acceleration in onboarding new talent, which tends to damage and create bottlenecks to your processes. How do you get your core processes tuned up efficiently as more and more people join your company? That’s the topic of today’s

Become a Master at Public Speaking

Are you afraid of public speaking? Have you tried it in the past because you understand the benefits, but you don’t feel 100% confident in your ability yet? Well, this episode is for you.  Today’s guest is a public speaking expert who’s worked, coaching and developing other people in public speaking performances, for 20 years.