How To Transform Your Company

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Chuck Kocher on Scaling Up Business Podcast with Bill GallagherSome people want to fix their company, others want to improve it, some want to change it. What if you wanted to 10X things? That would require something unprecedented and not foreseen today, a real transformation. Today’s show is all about transforming your company;  how do you transform yourself and transform the business?

Our guest, Chuck Kocher, is a long time, senior and highly experienced coach who deals in the world of transforming businesses as his focus. He shares about some of his experiences in that area and the principles he thinks it takes to transform your business. 

36 years of significant business experience and continual learning has built Chuck into an award-winning global business coach, best practice educator, synergist and strategist. energetic-high-impact keynote speaker with a proven high growth platform that enables clients to achieve transformational results. 

In this show, Chuck shares the story of a husband-and-wife team whose company had stagnated in growth. They wanted to take their $8-million company up to $33 million. Chuck worked with them on setting their BHAG as well as changing leadership styles and company culture. With these shifts, the company hit two 10-year BHAGs in five years. 11 years later, they are now close to doing $55 million, employ 1,500 people, and they rank number three in their franchise.

Transformation takes a lot of work to achieve.

Why do some people fail the transformation process? Usually, one in five to one in four people will quit the process midway through. First, the leadership team is just unwilling to change their approach and growth simply can not happen if the leadership style doesn’t change and evolve the higher up you go. Second, the leadership is just unwilling to make those ‘daring’ moves to get their company from point A to point B.


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