Monthly Archives: March 2018

Well Run Meetings Give You Back Time

Do you cringe at the thought of having more meetings? Most of us think we don’t need to waste more time on meetings; they take up our time and nothing actionable ever gets done in the end. Yet, well-run meetings can make all the difference; they can actually give you back time.  Today’s show is all about well-run meetings and what it takes to make them. 

The Potential Principle

What’s your potential? We all know we want to reach our potential yet nobody really knows what it is. Today’s show is with best selling author, Mark Sanborn, on the topic of the potential principle; how do we realize and keep hitting new levels of potential forever. Mark introduces a framework to always be grappling and expanding your potential over time, yours and your company’s.

How Lacking Resources Generates Innovation

What do you think of when you think of innovative companies? The first things that come to mind are probably; big budgets, lots of resources, innovation centers, groovy workplaces and special design labs, to name a few. You’re probably not thinking of you and your business. For sure, you can do so many interesting things on such a large scale, but innovation comes from small companies as well. Today’s show is all about innovation on a small scale and how to scale it up.

How To Transform Your Company

Some people want to fix their company, others want to improve it, some want to change it. What if you wanted to 10X things? That would require something unprecedented and not foreseen today, a real transformation. Today’s show is all about transforming your company;  how do you transform yourself and transform the business?