Monthly Archives: February 2018

Conscious Capitalism

How do you get better business returns? Like 10X industry results and get great employee engagement? The common way of thinking is that those two things are at odds, but a great way to achieve both is with conscious capitalism. Today’s guest is Raj Sisodia talking about Conscious Capitalism and the difference it can make.

The 3×5 Coaching Method

We all heard that we need to coach people and not manage them. We’ve also heard there are principles to great coaching but many of us still doubt our ability to coach. Today’s show is going to make it really simple to find a way to effectively coach your people; it’s called the 3×5 method.

How to Become a Thought Leader

You’re knowledgeable, right? So how come you’re not known for what you know? How come you’re not the thought leader in your field? Well, if you’ve ever wondered, then listen in. This show is all about how to make that process easy and the value in becoming known for what you know.