Build Self-Awareness and Destroy Limiting Beliefs

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Do your beliefs help you or hurt you in life? Leaders with limiting beliefs prevent themselves from showing up as powerful leaders. Everyone has limiting beliefs but it’s how we identify them and improve upon them, that helps us get out of the trap.

Elizabeth B. Crook is the bestselling author of Live Large: The Achiever’s Guide to What’s Next and has helped hundreds invent and reinvent themselves after their early career success. She is on a mission to help high achievers figure out their next bold step!

As CEO of Orchard Advisors for over twenty years, she works with CEO’s and entrepreneurs to think and act strategically to grow their companies’ bottom line and have more overall satisfaction. She has a gift for making sense of complex situations and mapping them so creative and practical approaches emerge. Clients speak of her insight, skill, authenticity, and willingness to ask the hard questions in a gentle way.

When Elizabeth was 30 years old, she was living in Latin America and working directly with the American Embassy as well as consulting companies on how to expand and grow.

One day, Elizabeth was invited to speak at a reading and learning group. Despite her extensive experience at the time, Elizabeth kept starting every sentence with, ‘I’m probably wrong, but…’ This belief was seriously limiting her career and her potential in life. When it was pointed out to her, Elizabeth had to stop and break through this.

We can’t scale a company without scaling its leaders as well. An important part of Elizabeth’s work is helping leaders develop and increase their self-awareness so they can show up in a powerful way. If you’re not evolving your leadership, there is a serious problem within the company.

People can turn a strength into a weakness as they take on more responsibility. For example, Elizabeth was working one-on-one with a leadership member who believed asking for help was a sign of weakness. He cited that his best strength was being self-reliant.

This might have worked when he was an employee, but as a leader, he now needs to grow and start depending on others. By taking on a  leadership role, his primary strength effectively got turned upside down. This is where working closely with your leadership team and to help them develop awareness about their limiting beliefs is critical.


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