Monthly Archives: January 2018

Networking and Business tips for Introverted Leaders

Leaders lead people, which means they have to show up with a certain level of energy to inspire others and get things done. How does this differ between introverted and extroverted leaders? And, how can we manage our respective energies to keep the fire lit without burning ourselves out? This week’s guest shares how to find the path that works for you and covers the ways you can manage your presence to truly enjoy your leadership.

Retrospectives; Looking Back at Our Progress

Do you find yourself making some of the same mistakes again and again? We don’t take enough time to stop and assess our progress and we are always reacting and not thinking.  It’s time to take a thoughtful retrospective approach.

Build Self-Awareness and Destroy Limiting Beliefs

Do your beliefs help you or hurt you in life? Leaders with limiting beliefs prevent themselves from showing up as powerful leaders. Everyone has limiting beliefs but it’s how we identify them and improve upon them, that helps us get out of the trap.

Five Ways to Improve Your Business Credit

Do you know about business or corporate credit? Do you know you can obtain credit without personally guaranteeing it?

Today’s guest, Ty Crandall, shares the five steps to take to improve your business credit. He’ll be discussing how it is slightly different than your personal credit, and the difference it makes to separate the two.