Is Your Growth Holistic Enough?

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Are you struggling with retaining employees and productivity levels as your company grows? Today’s show discusses the difference a program of holistic growth and development makes, what it looks like and what it takes to develop yourself and your team.

Robert Glazer is the Founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Partners as well as the Founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. On today’s show, Robert discusses different ways you can develop your team (and yourself) beyond simple job training.

After running a high-performance company, he came to notice that you end up breaking a lot of people along the way. When you’re growing 30-40% a year, most people fail to keep up. Robert was finding issues where his team was great, at first, but he kept having to shift them out of positions as the company grew bigger and bigger. How could he keep and retain his people no matter what the company’s growth looks like? Robert was determined to break the cycle.

He found that focusing on people, not just in their job role, makes a difference. By helping people develop themselves that they can apply it to their professional and personal life, you get a more engaged and dedicated workforce. However, that can’t happen if the founder doesn’t lead the charge and work on improving him or herself first.

On the podcast, Robert shares his personal story of leading by example. How working on improving himself resulted in inspiring growth and development throughout his company. He also discusses how inspiring others to try new things in their personal life ultimately impacted their job performance.

Leading by example may take longer yet it is more effective as it inspires others to want to improve themselves.


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