Monthly Archives: December 2017

What’s Your Life Purpose?

Can you answer the question ‘What’s my life purpose’? Most people can’t. In fact, only about 10-20% of high achievers can answer this question honestly. People who know what their life purpose is, have a competitive edge over everyone else. This week’s guest shares the steps you need to take to discover your purpose, in this week’s episode.

Is Your Growth Holistic Enough?

Are you struggling with retaining employees and productivity levels as your company grows? Today’s show discusses the difference a program of holistic growth and development makes, what it looks like and what it takes to develop yourself and your team.

Be The Best Brand in the World

The best brands in the world make you feel sexy, invincible, and like a hero. You can be just like them! When you start thinking about yourself and your business as a brand, it can open up all kinds of opportunities that you may have never seen before. Find out how to develop ‘the best brand in the world’ on this week’s episode.