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This week’s episode is worth a million dollars. That’s right!
Your business is a leaky bucket, and there are probably more than a million dollars in it that are leaking away, and you’re not aware. How can you spot those leaks and fixed them? Listen in to this week’s show and find out.

Howard Shore is the author of Your Business is a Leaky Bucket and is a business and executive coach. He’s worked with Fortune 500 companies and has over 12 years of experience as a coach. Throughout the years, he has seen many clients leak money unnecessarily, and it inspired him to write his book.

Howard began his career by owning his first business when he was 18 years old. Over the years of working one-on-one with high-level executives and leaders, he came to realize something important; we all live our life like Dilbert, the famous comic strip. Everybody’s working so hard, yet they’re not getting as much traction as they should. It just seemed counter-productive.

It seems most people are very good at working in the business but do not know how to work on the business. That’s to say, they do not know how to focus on strategy, execution, and people to help save themselves from significant financial leaks.

Recently, Howard was hired to help a client in the restoration business improve his profits and bottom line. By applying the principles that are in the book, their profit grew by over 80% this year, and their top line increased by over 30%. Such growth is highly unusual in their industry. They achieved it through all organic means (no acquisitions) and their net profit grew by over 50%. The result: the general manager and CEO can now take time off and enjoy their lives while running a growing and thriving business.

You can put any framework in place, but if you don’t have a strong culture of accountability, or even the right accountability systems in place, fixing the leaky bucket is destined to fail. Howard likes to replace the word execution with the word accountability because, in the end, it takes accountability to create long-lasting and meaningful action.



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