What Does a Meaningful Life Look Like?

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What does it look like to create a meaningful life, from somebody who’s created a billion dollar company? That’s the story of our show today.

Maria Sipka is first and foremost a storyteller, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Her latest venture, Linqia (read: Linkia), delivers a smarter content strategy and is a high-performing content engine that produces the best return on ad spend across all digital media.

Our episode explores Maria’s journey. An entrepreneur at a very young age, she started her first company at the age of 19. By 21, it grew to be a 2 million dollar business. By 27, she had acquired 50 properties, following an investing formula she had learned from a friend.

Despite waking up to oceanfront views, Maria decided it was time to close this chapter and find a more significant purpose in her life. She left her business and her boyfriend behind in Sydney and went on to travel the world for two years, meeting inspiring and amazing entrepreneurs along the way.

Since then, Maria looks at her life as a storybook and for the last 15 years, has picked yearly themes that help her grow and live a more meaningful life. She believes the best way to create your adventure in life is to think of it like a storybook and every year a new chapter.

Manifesting a theme for the year (a new chapter), becomes the anchor point that all the magic flows from. It provides a new perspective on how to build your business, build your community and move closer towards solving a problem or creating opportunities for others.


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