How to Develop a Winning Culture

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Tristan White is the Founder & CEO of The Physio Co, a physical therapy clinic based in Australia. His company has been ranked #1 of Australia’s best places to work. How did he do it? By creating a winning culture everyone within the company can get behind and support. He explains how he was able to achieve this, on today’s show.

Tristan is an accidental entrepreneur. He began his career as a physical therapist, and although he loved the work, he knew he could make a bigger impact on his own. Slowly, his business grew and he had to hire employees.

Five years later, Tristan found himself with a team of 20 people and didn’t know anything about what company culture was, or how it should look, so naturally, he ran into some serious problems. He was just a physical therapist, after all!

So, at the five-year mark, Tristan realized he wasn’t happy, his company did not have structures in place, and it was starting to become utter chaos. He knew something had to change.

At the time, He believed he was just meant to be a physical therapist, he didn’t think he was cut out for entrepreneurship, at all. However, Tristan was determined to find a better way, and to make his and his employees’ lives easier within the company.

So, he did something that scared the hell out of him. He took a break from the company. He left for 2-3 weeks and left the country to research other companies who had ‘nailed it.’ Through that experience, as well as reading the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, he came home inspired, and ready to tackle his company culture problem.


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