The Illusion Of Work-Life Balance

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Andy Bailey is a serial entrepreneur and author of No Try Only Do. He is also the Founder and Lead Coach of Petra Coach, an entrepreneurial coaching firm. Today’s show is all about the illusion of work-life balance and how we can bridge the gap between those two more seamlessly. Andy and Bill also discuss how language plays an important role on how you show up to others, which is why you should get rid of the word ‘try’ in your vocabulary.

How does the concept of ‘no try, only do,’ which was originally said by Yoda, show up in Andy’s life? Andy has always tried to solve problems head on, and ‘There is No Try. Only Do’ has become a core value in his coaching business. When he and his team come into organizations with this mindset, it rapidly sets the standard that you can’t have a victim mentality, or put up excuses, if you truly want to succeed.

When you completely remove the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary, it brings a whole new, and real, meaning to what you will say you’ll do. Either you will do something or you won’t. By saying ‘try,’ you’re shifting the responsibility away from yourself and you are possibly wasting everyone’s time.

Whether we like it or not, words have power on us. The way we speak and the words we choose do shape the way we act, on both a conscious and subconscious level. This is why it’s so important to speak with conviction and to eliminate excuse words like ‘try.’

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