Monthly Archives: April 2017

How to Create a Happier Workforce

In this podcast episode, Heather Patterson, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happier Talent Development, shares an important example of how she turned a skeptical, arms crossed, eyes rolled, CEO into an avid supporter of a “happy” work environment.
Listen in to find out how can you optimize your workforce through a positive leadership style.

Balancing Both Innovation and Scale

Roland Siebelink has seen three small startup companies grow into large-scale organizations from both sides of the world (Europe and the U.S.). Roland believes the effects of good leadership, or bad leadership, usually take between 7-10 years to show up in traditional companies. However, in tech, the growth is so accelerated that it can become quite obvious when there’s good or bad management leading the team.
Today, Roland and Bill share some thoughts and lessons about keeping the balance on both innovation and scale.

Transform Your Relationship with Money

Lynne Twist is the author of The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life. Money, and the lack of it, is a very important subject for entrepreneurs, but Lynne is here to tell you that your limited beliefs on money are actually hurting you, not helping you.
Today, Lynne and Bill discuss how you can become liberated from money, instead of being chained by it.

Achieve High Growth in Less Time

Geoff Gwynn is a Certified Gazelles International Coach based in the UK, and served in the Royal Air Force. In today’s conversation Bill and Geoff discuss how by helping his client fix some key blockages they were able to increase their margins and efficiency.

Develop and Lead with Your Strengths

Dean Jones is the Talent Development Architect at Gallup. Dean’s primary expertise lies in developing strategic solutions to address key business issues, including organizational development, performance management, learning and development, productivity, and workforce effectiveness. He has acted as a mentor for Bill over the years and in today’s podcast he talks to Bill about how to lead with your strengths.