Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Connection Between Profit and Health

Dave Fuller, a professional business coach and entrepreneur, witnessed a bear come into his camp and attack one of his friends. The amount of stress and fatigue he experienced from the event reminded him of the time he tried to open a second location of his business and the depleting stress he experienced during the first year of growth.

On this episode, Dave Fuller and I dive into the surprising connection between profit and health.

$200 Million with Only 3 Employees

Tim Danley is the Founder of Resource Converting LLC. How do you get to $200 million dollars in projects, with only 3 people? Well, that’s the $200 million dollar question on this week’s episode. Tim touches on the radical change he made in business models, and how he leveraged outsourcing, on the interview.

Strengthen Your Listening Skills

Krystal Hulsey is the Marketing Coordinator at BALI Construction in Walnut Creek, CA. Today, Bill and Krystal discuss listening skills and how it can impact business performance when these skills are used correctly. Bill and Krystal will be going back and forth showcasing key examples of how to do these listening exercises.

Keeping the Fire Alive in Your Business

Joe Apfelbaum started Ajax Union about seven years ago, but he’s been on a personal development journey for the last three years. When Ajax Union was created, all Joe wanted was to be financially free, but once he started generating a sufficient income, he knew there was something more to life than just money.

Joe is the perfect guest for this week’s topic about keeping the passion and fire alive in your business.