Connecting Your Life Purpose with Your Business

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Mike Birdsall is the Co-founder of Birdsall Interactive, FanConneX, and DateBox Club. Mike and his wife, Maureen, are a husband/wife team who have been working together in business for the last 23 years, and married for the last 30 years. On this week’s episode Bill talks to Mike about his business purpose, his life purpose, and how those two come together.

When Mike’s sons were growing older and getting ready for college, Mike and his wife knew they were soon going to be empty-nesters. This notion of being completely alone in the house, scared both Mike and Maureen, so they started finding creative ways to re-date each other and to work on their relationship since their children were no longer going to be the main focus.

These creative dates allowed Mike and Maureen to reconnect with each other like they used to, back before they had kids. That’s how DateBox Club came to be, which is a subscription service where every month a super creative date night is delivered in the mail to their customers. The three goals of the service is for couples to interact, engage, and communicate.

Mike’s business allows him to find new and novel ways to engage his customers on a regular basis, and this keeps the business interesting. It isn’t always easy to find new ways to engage your customer, but Mike is excited to get up in the morning because he realizes that DateBox Club is a wanted/needed service for couples who want to have creative ways to connect. An added plus to that, is that he can try out new things with his wife too!

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