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How to Be Unique in Your Industry

Don Smith is the owner and founder of Elite Electronics, a company that takes traditional car mechanics to an entirely new level. Don is the perfect guest for today’s show, because what he is doing in his own industry is completely unique!

Don’s successful business did not happen overnight. He created his company ten years ago, and has been slowly building the company you see today. In this podcast we’ll unpack this to a deeper level. What is Don great at? Despite being so wildly different, how does Don fit in into his industry? And how has this uniqueness gotten him into trouble?

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this conversation with Don. We look at these questions both from a personal and professional level. Find out more by listening to the podcast!

The One Page Personal Plan

Elliot Luchansky is the CEO and Board Member of Insynq, LLC., the industry’s leading cloud hosting provider that offers an extensive range of over 600 software solutions running on multiple data centers. On this week’s episode, Bill and Elliot discuss how leaders can use the One Page Personal Planner to engage their team on a personal level, and how leaders can use it to create balance in their lives.

Connecting Your Life Purpose with Your Business

Mike Birdsall is the Co-founder of Birdsall Interactive, FanConneX, and DateBox Club. Mike and his wife, Maureen, are a husband/wife team who have been working together in business for the last 23 years, and married for the last 30 years. On this week’s episode Bill talks to Mike about his business purpose, his life purpose, and how those two come together.

How to Stop Fitting In, and Start Winning More

I think we should all stop trying to fit in and be more true to ourselves. But don’t mistake being yourself and being unique with permission to be obnoxious. That would be missing the point. We can embrace our uniqueness while also being fully responsible for the impact we have on others. Here’s how…

2 Easy Ways To Blow Away Your Competition This Year

I was growing a company at more than 30% for multiple years. Eventually I started to mess up because I hadn’t followed 2 simple rules. I knew better but I procrastinated. In the end, that procrastination cost me more than a couple million dollars. It was a painful but valuable lesson. To blow away competitors, you’ll want to take these two easy steps now…