How Purpose is Suppressing Your Results

apple-core-work-on-purposeIt seems so simple. There is a purpose behind our actions, behind our work. Yet, for so many it is very hard to deliver a clear answer on what their purpose is.

To put it simply: Purpose is your Why and it drives all action and decisions. It is WHY you do what you do. 

What’s your business purpose? The answer is important. The Why of your work is a very powerful thing that can attract, engage, and retain the best people and customers. It can be a huge competitive advantage. Your Purpose is the difference you’re making in the world. It’s what matters about your work and the way that you do it. 

And when your purpose in business and in your personal life are aligned—magic happens. You’ll find yourself naturally and effortlessly attracting and retaining the best fitting people for your business. 

Many people go on a journey of sorts to find their purpose. This isn’t necessary. No disrespect to those that ascribe to an Eat, Pray, Love or Wild philosophy of finding your purpose, but the truth is that purpose  is not something to go find. It something to create. 

What matters to you? What difference does your work make? Why do you keep at it? What moments make you the most proud and satisfied?

It could be that you give people freedom to do what they love, or that you keep everyone being productive, or you might be giving people fun and play, you could be saving lives or helping the environment, you might be building or funding communities for families, you may be instilling knowledge in the next generation, you are probably helping people build a better world.

Purpose is the fulfillment of your life. It’s a simple but inspiring reason to get up in the morning. 

What makes you proud? Why? 

What do you want said about you by friends and family at your retirement party, or even after you’re gone from this world? 

You get to say, and you alone make it up. The only requirement is that your purpose inspires and moves you. And, by the way, if it ever stops being a powerful form of self-expression–you can change it. It is as easy as that. It is entirely up to you. 

If your purpose is not inspiring, it may be that it’s too much about you. Purpose should be less about you and your business as it is about who you are for others. Try expressing it as something for others, or for the whole world.

The purpose of my life is making a difference. And the purpose of my business is helping leaders build a better world. I know this is right because I’m proud and happy to share it with anyone. 

What’s yours?

It should make you feel something. Especially when you speak it out loud to others. The emotion is what attracts and engages others. Candidates, partners, customers, investors, and others will be engaged when you speak it with humility, in service of the greater good.

I’ve created a short video tutorial on developing your purpose:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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