How to Make Lean Simple and Easy

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unspecifiedPaul Akers is the Founder and CEO of FastCap and is an expert in the field of lean manufacturing and lean thinking. He has written several books on the subject, including 2 Second Lean, Lean Health, and Lean Travel.

So, how can we optimize ‘lean,’ in a simple and easy way? This week’s episode dives right into the inner workings of how to leverage ‘lean’ without headaches.

Paul has seen ‘lean’ work in the U.S., Japan, and now Kazakhstan. So, what is ‘lean,’ exactly? Simple! ‘Lean’ is one thing — the elimination of waste. Every basic task in our life is a process. What ‘lean’ does is analyze how long it takes you to complete a process, and see if it can optimize it more effectively.

You don’t have to make massive improvements from between the time you start and end a process. The improvements with the use of ‘lean,’ are often very tiny, but end up becoming incredibly effective over time. The main goal is to do higher quality work with less time.

‘Lean’ does not just apply to manufacturing. It applies to all aspects of our life. The moment you are able to apply it beyond your professional life, everything changes.  Bill has applied some lean principles into his personal life, and now looks forward to his daily tasks.

There will always be pitfalls, so turn yourself into a world-class problem solver!

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