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tedTed Sarvata is a fellow Gazelles coach who is focused on reigniting your purpose to restore your sanity! He and I will be diving into purpose, how to find it, how you use it in a company setting, and so much more on this week’s episode.

How do you discover your own personal purpose? Business owners tend to downplay their purpose in terms of why they started their business, but the reality is they shouldn’t. The team buys into the owner’s vision and the company’s purpose, so the ‘why’ needs to be prominent in the company culture.

Why does purpose even matter? Isn’t that a bit ‘woo-woo’? For those who might think so, I share a story on why taking your team through the journey of discovering their purpose is so powerful. Purpose becomes the core motivator for your team and this is one of the reasons why it’s so crucial for the team to discover it.

As you begin the conversation, it is best to first ask people what they do and why they do what they do? You keep peeling back that layer until it starts to ‘click’ for them as to what their purpose might be in life and within the company.

So, once you’ve discovered purpose, what’s next? Well, now that you have this knowledge, what does it mean to you? Ted shares an example of how one of his clients used this new-found discovery of purpose and how they incorporated their purpose within their long-term company goals.

People often get scared about choosing the wrong type of purpose, but the beauty of purpose is that it can and will change! You do not need to climb a mountain to discover yourself and your meaning. Purpose comes from you, which means there’s no such thing as having a wrong purpose.

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