Monthly Archives: September 2016

Use Purpose To Strengthen Your Business

How do you discover your own personal purpose? Business owners tend to downplay their purpose in terms of why they started their business, but the reality is they shouldn’t. The team buys into the owner’s vision and the company’s purpose, so the ‘why’ needs to be prominent in the company culture.
Today, Ted Sarvata and I will be diving into purpose, how to find it, how you use it in a company setting, and so much more on this week’s episode.

Define What You Want to Be Known For

Joanna is the CEO and Founder of Amplify Lab and has over 20 years of experience in digital media, broadcast television, and radio.
In this episode, Joanna and I dive into what you actually want to be known for in your professional career and how to properly articulate that to your peers and clients.

Make Smart Hiring Easier

On this episode, Jim Jubelirer and I expand upon a topic the show has covered in the past and that’s people! People seem to be the biggest challenge and resource for entrepreneurs and other business professionals.