What’s Your Freak Factor?

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david-rendall-2015 2David Rendall is a professional speaker, stand-up comedian, and author of The Freak Factor. He spends his free time competing in Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons.

His book Freak Factor discusses the concept of unleashing your inner freak and discovering your unique potential. It dives into the fact that your strangeness and weird quirks are the key to your success. Today, Dave shares his story on how he got into ‘The Freak Factor’ line of work.

Embracing your Freak Factor

 When he was growing up, Dave was constantly in trouble and told by teachers to sit still and stay put. He believed for a good number of years that he was a problem, a loser, and that if he didn’t ‘control himself’ he would remain so.

It wasn’t until age 30 that he realized he was actually getting rewarded for what seemed to be these ‘awful’ qualities both his teachers and parents frowned upon. He was getting rewarded for speaking out, taking control of the situation, and going against the grain.

One day while he was listening to an audio book and reflecting back on his life, he realized his biggest weaknesses growing up were now his strengths. Every single one of his weaknesses seemed to be strengths and this did not just apply to Dave personally, but to others as well.

So, how do you leverage your freak factor? Dave says once you recognize that your weaknesses are strengths, you can begin to see some of the positives that come with it. The first step is to be aware of your ‘flaws’ and the second step is to accept them. Be aware that this is who you are and to recognize the positives and negatives that come with that.

The third step is to improve and strengthen your flaws. How do you capitalize on the positive sides of your weaknesses? Dave believes that, in the process of trying to fix our weaknesses, we also end up damaging our strengths. Instead of holding it in, we should find ways to let it out and maximize the benefits of our flaws.

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