Everything Going According to Plan?

busted mannequinEveryone Has a Plan, Until They Get Punched in the Face.
-Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson’s brilliant observation may be his greatest contribution to the world. Every year, and at the start of every major initiative, we make plans. Whether you next get punched in the face, or simply fail to land your own blows, you’ve got to come up with a new plan. Or, you’d better get used to the same old results.

When we suffer a setback and fail to re-plan, we fall back on old habits, patterns, and our training. If you’re just engaged in the same old thing and not working towards a new goal, that may be just fine. But if you’re trying to accomplish something new, or reaching for new performance, it’s not good enough.

What did you set out to accomplish this year? What new initiatives are you working on? How’s it going? Are you hitting your milestones? Are all the people on your team winning? It’s time to review and take stock of your progress. Then you can come up with Plan B, or even Plan C.

In fast-growing companies, we like to do a full review of progress every 1-2 weeks, and a deep re-planning every quarter. How long you spend on each will depend on how fast your company is growing. Are you more than doubling each year? You’d likely want to spend 2 days each quarter on re-planning. For most growing companies, a day or day and a half in a quarterly offsite with your leadership team is enough.

With a good weekly meeting rhythm, and quarterly leader off-sites, a quick daily huddle will let you adjust to important setbacks and even take advantage of new openings!

If you haven’t schedule a mid-year or quarterly meeting for your team, do it now. If you can get at least 3/4 of your leaders there, it’s worth doing. The hardest part really is just picking the date and committing to it.

We’d be happy to send you a set of templates for planning.