Why CEOs Aren’t Very Coachable

Or, Why C-Team Coaching Trumps CEO Coaching

suit-673697_1920CEOs and entrepreneurs have rare and valuable qualities that benefit us all, but those same qualities also make them very hard to coach. The sort of person who can step forward to lead people and bring something new into existence, doesn’t like being told what to do. A passionate idea-monkey CEO also has trouble staying engaged with any new discipline or guidance. 

“Don’t tell me what to do!” and “Look, squirrel!” are common traits of these uncommon people. You might recognize yourself, or someone close, in one of them. 

I’ve spent years coaching both senior leaders and brand new leaders, but both of these same leaders will tell you again and again that the biggest challenge they face is not competition or economic forces, but leading and managing other people. All growing and large organizations need people. They need engaged, effective people working together get big things done.

So if coaching a CEO is a tough road, why is coaching the whole C-Team easier or better? Teams bring out the best in people. A coach can get new approaches across to a team of leaders more easily than by communicating through just one CEO. The whole team can then apply new approaches with genuine alignment and commitment. 

Today, coaches like those at Gazelles work with whole leadership teams, complemented by meetings with the CEO, over the course of annual and quarterly planning and strategy sessions. Companies benefit from rapid alignment and rapid implementation of better execution habits. It turns out that many CEOs who struggle with being coached, love having someone coach their teams. 

With thousands of companies engaging in this approach now around the world, the results in growth, profitability, and value are hard to ignore.

If you’d like a taste of the Gazelles team coaching model, bring your leadership team to our Silicon Valley workshop May 20th: scalingup.cvent.com/SiliconValley

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