The Business of Spring

lawnmower-384589_1920If you plant, water, and fertilize your garden, it will grow. We know the same discipline should be applied to our businesses but it’s deferred and neglected all too often. Things that are cared for and tended to, will grow and flourish. Things that are neglected, will  whither and waste. It’s a pretty simple concept but hard to find time for against the daily demands of business. 

Think about your business as you do your yard and garden. Things you don’t care about, like weeds, don’t need fertilizer. The things you care about like flowers, grass, and vegetables, need attention and resource to grow. “Fertilize” your business opportunities in the spring for big results in the second half. 

It is always a good idea to do a mid-year check-in of your systems and processes. This is the time to review the market, competition, and your team’s progress. Then you can reallocate time and resource to fit changing conditions. It’s only natural that some of your plans will have produced and others will have not. Pull the weeds from your business plan and find the new growth that needs your help. 

Before we hit the halfway point of the year, let’s reexamine:

  • Trends – has your business climate changed? Can you adjust strategy to be more effective? Remember, people have short attention spans. Refreshing your message can have a big impact, reengage, and drive growth.
  • Strengths – What areas are meeting or exceeding expectation? Can you reallocate resources to other areas?
  • Weaknesses– What areas haven’t lived up to expectation? Is it worth it to pour more resources into it, or would changing strategy be a better option?

A mid-year re-assessment can serve to freshen you message, reengage your audience, and reallocate internal resources where they are needed. The best run companies do quarterly re-planning, mid year should be your minimum rhythm. All of these things combined will drive greater growth in the quarter ahead and through the whole second half of your year. 

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