The App That Gets Your Team Aligned

Andy Bailey“How do I know if my employees’ priorities align with the organization?”  This is a question Andy Bailey gets asked a lot. When an entire company is aligned around a few top priorities, each person on the team understands how his role fits into the bigger picture of the organization’s goals. And the company hits its goals a lot more often. 

Andy Bailey is the head of Petra Coach (also a Gazelles coaching group) and founder of Align software. Using the principles and practices he used to build his own successful enterprise Andy helps other entrepreneurs achieve successful healthy growth. Andy’s passion is to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to build a foundation that allows them and their teams to move easily into new stages of growth. In this episode, I discuss with Andy how to use his platform, Align Today.  Listen to hear how Align can ensure the entire weight of the organization is moving in the same direction in order to accomplish its highest priorities.

One of the most important aspects of getting a company aligned is to create priorities with an owner, a metric, and a due date. Align uses priority setting and a task management tool to create priorities and projects with due dates and instructions, assigned to a person or team. It manages the re-distribution and completions through trigger notification as well as dashboards. The KPI becomes the task and as you check them off it shows progress on your priority.

Another method to ensure focus and alignment remain throughout the company is to implement two crucial meetings; the daily huddle and the weekly huddle. No longer than 15 minutes max, the daily huddle ensures that each day all the team members are on the same page, and issues are identified and dealt with immediately. Daily huddles work in conjunction with the Core Weekly Priority meeting.

Another feature of Align that creates better alignment within the company are the ENPS and Feed Box features. ENPS is a single one-question-survey sent out monthly or quarterly that the staff members answer and then give feedback. One person will gather the suggestions and monitor the score and report back to the team.

One of the key stumbling blocks in starting out: It’s easier for companies that are just starting out to use Align from the beginning, but it is harder for already established organizations to understand the importance and value of using this tool. However, once implemented, team leaders can gain an unprecedented level of insight about how aligned employees are within their company.

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