Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why Your Plan Might Be Obsolete

Somewhere, right now, your competition is getting ready to launch a new product. All our best plans are immediately out of date. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your goals, it’s your “how” that has to evolve.

Shifting into a Higher Gear

What’s the hardest part of growing faster and finding more business? We want to tackle that and create a new approach that let’s you grow much much faster. That’s your X-Factor…

The Business of Spring

If you plant, water, and fertilize your garden, it will grow. We know the same discipline should be applied to our businesses but it’s deferred and neglected all too often. Things that are cared for and tended to, will grow and flourish. Things that are neglected, will whither and waste. It’s a pretty simple concept but hard to find time for against the daily demands of business.

The App That Gets Your Team Aligned

“How do I know if my employees’ priorities align with the organization?” This is a question Andy Bailey gets asked a lot. When an entire company is aligned around a few top priorities, each person on the team understands how his role fits into the bigger picture of the organization’s goals. And the company hits its goals a lot more often.

Surge: 5 Steps to Riding the Wave of Consumer Demand

“How do you time the market?” – The question that prompted two-year of research for his new book Surge. Mike discovered that there is no magic bullet, but there is a way to improve the odds of success dramatically. Surge is a five-step process for identifying trends in the marketplace.

Why CEOs Aren’t Very Coachable

CEOs and entrepreneurs have rare and valuable qualities that benefit us all, both those same qualities make them very hard to coach. But, it turns out that many CEOs who struggle with being coached, love having someone coach their teams.