Kickbox Innovation Program for Business

shot_3-4dKickbox is a cool new innovation program that Adobe developed for its own use and then open-sourced so everyone can use it. It’s combines a process for individuals, with a system for deploying that process across an organization at scale. It’s designed to increase innovator effectiveness, accelerate innovation velocity, and measurably improve innovation outcomes. It can also optimize innovation investments by reducing costs compared to traditional approaches.

Program participants learn the innovation process in a 2 day workshop, get the tools to work on their idea, along with $1,000 in seed money, and then are coached over 6 months to develop it fully.

We have customized the original program for other companies and started to offer it to larger organizations, with complete facilitation and coaching support. You can find full details of our program here

This short video from the creator of the program, Mark Randall at Adobe, will give you a sense of how it all works:

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