Workshop for SF Business Times

sfbiztimes logoWe all have powerful areas and moments in our lives where we feel really capable and effective. But, we also know that the feeling of power and flow is sometimes very hard to achieve. For most of us, there are areas of life that we avoid, or have given up on entirely. What if all of your life could be lived In The Zone? What would that look like, and what would it take? This experiential workshop for the San Francisco Business Times will begin to give you access to living all of life in The Zone, or in a state of powerful flow. We’ll start with the inspiring WHY of your work, and then see how to bring that same power to every area of life.

At this experiential workshop you will:

  • Learn to share the WHY of your business or work powerfully with anyone at any time
  • Discover and experience the source of your personal power and inspiration
  • Learn how to use this power to tackle things that you have been putting up with for too long

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