Can you roll with it?

IMG_0313-coffee-webMore lunchtime reflection.

Last Friday I had some great news on a big project, and then this morning, Monday, I had some very frustrating news. My reaction was immediate, strong, and emotional. Fortunately, my reaction was also personal and internal, and not expressed to others immediately.

I had to breathe and calm down for a moment, and then to remind my self of the importance of “rolling with the punches.

Instead of having a fit, I shared the breakdown with the people that could help resolve it, and I acknowledged their best intentions along with our common interests. I then suggested one possible solution, and I asked what else could be done to resolve the problem. I was rolling with the punches and not losing my cool or effectiveness.

Will I be successful and get what I want and need? Eventually. If not on this one, then on the next. In the meantime, read about the great results that one of my clients got last year in a similar situation right here:

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