Leadership should be practiced not studied

IMG_0853There are many examples and theories of leadership you can study but there’s only one way to become a better leader, and that is to practice it, in reality. But how do you practice leadership in a way that develops your skills?

There’s one easy way to do that.

If you want to become a better leader, with more natural power, then take on a bigger game. Promise something bigger, that you can’t do alone. Start something new, something worthy of the leader that you would be. Commit yourself to something that matters to people and invite others to work with you.

Pretty soon, you’ll discover new strengths and weaknesses, and be compelled to deal with them. Are you great at generating inspiration and inspiring others? Are you good at getting people to commit? Are you brilliant with planning and execution? What about coaching others?

If you are playing a bigger game, you will soon need to deal with your weaknesses and elevate your strengths. As long as you don’t quit, your leadership skills will improve. And, you will accomplish something amazing along the way.


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