Don’t be a downer

They’re probably going to say ‘no’ but I have to ask anyway.” How many times have you thought this?

eorWe walk into sales meetings, make requests of friends and family, or even apply for jobs and loans, already expecting that we aren’t going to get what we want. It’s never fun and it usually feels pathetic.

When you expect a “no,” you will project a “downer” vibe. Everything about your body language and your tone of voice will be self-effacing and unappealing. You certainly won’t seem like a compelling leader with a grand vision.

So before walking into that next sales appointment or negotiation, imagine that they are going to say “yes.” Create a rich story for yourself of what could have them say yes. Use your imagination. Imagine them actually saying “yes,” imagine what it will feel like, and what kind of person you will be then. While you may not realize it at first, you also invented that earlier story that had them saying “no.”

In other words, the thoughts and expectations we have for the future, actually shape our actions, mannerisms, tone, and the impression we make on others. If you can alter your thoughts, you can change your actions, the impression you leave, and even the results that you get.

When you express the “downer” vibe, you have already created and accepted a scenario in which you are going to hear “no.” Everything about your expression will scream, “bad idea.” The person you are pitching will get that, so he or she will most likely say “no.”  When you expect “no,” you won’t really fight for what you want. You will just be going through the motions.

On the other hand, if the other person hears confidence, enthusiasm, and opportunity, they will think it must be great and want to say “yes.”

So don’t be a downer! Imagine a different future that has you getting “yes” and your chances of getting “yes” will increase greatly.

Next time, I’m going to tell you why you should go big or go home. In the meantime, please drop me a note below and tell us how its going in getting yeses.

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