In Some Ways, I’m a Needy Little Kid. Are You?

What should you do if an employee or a client isn’t making much progress … ?

At all? 

When a person is working toward a goal, the truth is that sometimes the progress is enormous. And sometimes it’s tiny.

And sometimes, it seems to get worse before it gets better. If you stick with it and don’t quit, you are nonetheless making progress toward a goal.

The key is not quitting.

IMG_0356thumbsup_smallIf you are in a position to manage, supervise, or coach people who are trying to meet new goals orexceed quotas, you must acknowledge every accomplishment, effort, or attempt to keep them in the game.

Every. Single. One. 

Your employees or suppliers can get depressed, frustrated, or tired. Remember that your job is to keep them from giving up. 

If you want them to rise to the occasion, they cannot feel defeated. They cannot believe they are powerless. They cannot believe they are incapable. 

So give them reasons to feel good about themselves and their progress. 

Point out everything and anything that they are doing well. 

In many ways, most of us are  needy little kids who need a pat on the head. We want people to acknowledge and appreciate our efforts and successes. We especially like that acknowledgement in front of others.

I’m fortunate because I’ve been involved in my own development long enough that I know that I need an ego stroke and I can just ask for it. But most people are oblivious to the fact that they are hungry for acknowledgement, or they just can’t bring themselves to ask for it. 

If they aren’t getting this praise, they begin to doubt themselves, their goals, and you. They will eventually give up, sometimes quietly and other times dramatically. 

Don’t make your employees and clients hungry for your attention and don’t let them get discouraged. Keep them in the game by acknowledging their progress, no matter how small. Do it publicly!

P.S. “Acknowledge and appreciate” is the third of my five-point coaching process. Stay tuned for my fourth tip for high-performance coaching …

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