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Get a Bigger Boat: Tip Five of High-Performance Coaching

Like any new goal, sometimes the effort of any new initiative seems impossible at first. You will need to help your employees and clients create new habits and methods that will support their new initiatives. Simply wanting to be a high performer isn’t enough. They also need to invent a new approaches. Read on to learn how…

Do you get sucked in? A tip for performance coaching.

Anytime a person has a setback or a breakdown, they get all freaked out. In no time at all, they’ll start telling you a complicated story that explains all the reasons they cannot accomplish their goals. All these whys are just stuff getting in the way of clarity and a solution.

Accelerators vs. Incubators

I’m talking about accelerators vs. incubators next Tuesday for efactor in SF. Come hear all about how to fast track your business!

Look for Giants

Do You See Giants? If You Want High Performers, You Should! When I look at someone, I don’t pay attention to how much they complain. I don’t look at their flaws. I don’t hear all the noisy excuses they are making. I simply see them as bigger and better than they see themselves. I relate […]