Inspiring Leaders

There are over 450 Million Google entries on Leadership, along with countless textbooks & courses available, but there are really only 4 core leadership skills: Inspiring, Recruiting, Planning/Executing, and Coaching.


 light bulb greenLeaders have to be inspired before they can inspire others. This inspiration doesn’t have to be accidental. You can inspire yourself through a simple process.

Inspiration breathes new life into something or someone, and it comes from seeing a new possible future.

You can imagine a new future when you are not looking at everything from your current position & your past. It takes practice to set aside the past and current circumstances to be able to imagine new futures. That’s the trick, clearing your mind of all your concerns, fears and doubts, so that you can see and imagine new things. This clearing of your mind takes practice and coaching for most people.

Leaders invent and communicate new future visions that inspire themselves and then inspire everyone around them. When you see a new future as actually possible for anything or anyone, it’s consistently inspiring.

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